Pow and Steve Moseley

We live in Auckland, New Zealand. Steve has a passion for astronomy and software, while Pow shares his interest in cars and cafes.

The Tarantula Nebula in
the Large Magellanic Cloud

I've heard that the southern hemisphere has many more amazing objects than the northern hemisphere. With the Carina nebula, the Magellanic clouds, the Omega star cluster and amazing galaxies, we certainly don't have a shortage of great objects to gaze at.

Courtesy of: gloriumtech.com

Software Development

Steve just loves writing software. Java, Clojure, Kotlin, PHP, C, ... what fun! Oh yes. And of course there's Linux, IntelliJ, FreeNAS, the list goes on.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7)

Our dream car! We currently own a C6 Corvette and have a lot of fun! We'll upgrade to a C7 like this one day, certainly looking forward to that happening.

Pow and Steve's website

Over time, we'll expand this site to include much more interesting stuff. I'm keen to get into astrophotography in a big way, but most likely that'll happen a bit later on.